Dairy Queen Banana Split Blizzard 2024

Dairy Queen Banana Split Blizzard

Explore DQ secret menu with the irresistible Dairy Queen Banana Split Blizzard. When you think of Dairy Queen, you might imagine the classic Blizzard, but there’s more than that in the form of Banana Split Blizzard. 

The secret menu of Dairy Queen offers tasty surprises, like the Banana Split Blizzard. It’s a yummy mix of vanilla soft serve, strawberries, pineapple, chocolate fudge, and bananas. Make it even better by asking for more bananas, strawberries, and pineapples to add extra flavor and joy.

Banana Split Blizzard Types

The Banana Split Blizzard comes in various flavors, including the classic blend of vanilla soft serve, strawberries, pineapple, chocolate fudge, and bananas. Some variations might include additional toppings like nuts, caramel, or different fruit combinations, offering diverse taste experiences. 

Customers can explore a range of options within the Banana Split Blizzard line, each presenting its own delightful combination of flavors and textures.

Banana Cream Pie Blizzard

Satisfy your sweet cravings with the resurrected delight of the Banana Cream Pie Blizzard. A revamped version of the classic treat, this Blizzard features vanilla soft serve, blended with bananas, whipped cream, pie pieces, Nilla wafers, or graham crackers, depending on availability. Infused with irresistible creamy crunch, cheesecake chunks take this Blizzard to new heights.

Custom Banana Splits

Experience the freedom of customizing your very own Banana Split at Dairy Queen. Beyond the standard offerings, you have the power to personalize your treat with a multitude of toppings, sauces, and indulgent extras. Mix different flavors and textures for a classic arrangement or let your imagination run wild.

Dairy Queen Custom Banana Splits 2024

From a fusion of creamy soft serve to a medley of toppings, the custom Banana Split allows you to create a unique dessert that caters perfectly to your taste buds.

It’s an adventure in flavor exploration at Dairy Queen when you create a custom Banana Split. With the freedom to choose from an array of toppings, sauces, and delightful additions, you can curate a dessert masterpiece that suits your cravings. 

Whether you prefer the traditional toppings or wish to experiment with new combinations, the customizable Banana Split offers a delightful journey of taste and satisfaction.

Dairy Queen Banana Split Blizzard Toppings

The Dairy Queen Banana Split Blizzard boasts a medley of tantalizing toppings and mix-ins. Indulge in a blend of strawberries, pineapples, chocolatey fudge, and the creamy allure of whipped toppings. With the option to personalize your toppings, consider an Elvis-inspired twist featuring peanut butter and chocolate sauce adorned with peanuts and Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Dairy Queen Banana Split Blizzard Nutrition Facts

With 520 calories, 14g of fat, and 94g of carbs, the Banana Split Blizzard offers a delectable yet calorie-conscious treat. The ingredients primarily include milk, soy, and a delightful array of flavors from vanilla reduced-fat ice cream, fruits like banana and pineapple, chocolate and strawberry toppings, and a creamy whipped topping.

Banana Split Blizzard Calories

Dairy Queen Banana Split Blizzard offers a delightful treat with 520 calories. This iconic dessert, with its blend of creamy vanilla soft serve, fruits, and toppings, provides a satisfyingly sweet experience for those seeking a flavorful yet moderately caloric indulgence.

Is a Dairy Queen Banana Split Healthy?

The Dairy Queen banana split, like many desserts, contains a mix of ingredients that include fruits like bananas and strawberries along with toppings such as chocolate fudge. While it does provide some essential nutrients from the fruits, it’s important to note that the banana split is considered more of a treat or dessert rather than a healthy option.

Typically, banana splits from DQ are high in calories, sugars, and fats due to the presence of ice cream, toppings, and syrups. DQ banana splits can be enjoyed occasionally as part of a balanced diet, but you should consume them in moderation so as not to compromise your health.

If you’re looking for a healthier option at DQ, consider choosing smaller portions, sharing with others, or opting for lighter alternatives such as fruit cups or smaller sizes of ice cream treats to help manage calorie intake.


Dairy Queen Banana Split Blizzard is a delicious and classic treat. It combines vanilla soft serve, strawberries, pineapple, chocolate fudge, and bananas all mixed into a creamy Blizzard. Whether you enjoy it as is or add extra toppings, this dessert has a mix of flavors and textures that everyone can enjoy. Even though it’s a secret menu item, it’s a popular choice for those who want a tasty and familiar treat at Dairy Queen.


Q. Can you still get a banana split blizzard at DQ?

Yes, it is! Even though it’s not on the regular menu anymore, Dairy Queen can still make it if customers ask for it.

Q. What makes the Banana Split Blizzard special?

It’s a classic treat that holds nostalgic flavors of a banana split. Despite not being officially listed, customers can still enjoy this delightful treat by simply asking for it at Dairy Queen.

Q. What are the flavors of Dairy Queen banana split?

Dairy Queen serves creamy soft ice cream with a banana cut in half, chocolate, pineapple, and strawberry toppings, all topped with whipped cream.

Q. What is the difference between Banana Split and Banana Royale?

A banana split differs from a banana royale in its presentation and arrangement. For a banana split, you layer banana slices with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream, topping them with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. On the other hand, if you slice the bananas horizontally, creating banana rounds topped with the same ice cream flavors and garnishes, you’ve got yourself a “banana royale.”

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