Dairy Queen Weekly Specials 2024

Enjoy Fantastic Deals with Dairy Queen Weekly Specials

Dairy Queen weekly specials offer a range of delicious items for its customers to enjoy. These specials vary by day of the week and can include discounted menu items or special promotions. Getting your favorite DQ treats at a great price has never been easier. Here are some examples of Dairy Queen’s weekly specials.

Dairy Queen Weekly Specials

Dairy Queen weekly specials offers range of delicious menu items at affordable price to start your week.

Dairy Queen Weekly Specials Menu

Dairy Queen Monday Specials

  • BBQ Sandwich, Small Beverage and Small Sundae
  • Peanut Buster Parfait

On Monday at Dairy Queen, you can treat yourself to the Peanut Buster Parfait for just $4.69. This delightful dessert features layers of rich and creamy vanilla soft-serve ice cream, topped with a generous drizzle of hot fudge and a satisfying sprinkling of roasted peanuts. 

The contrast of the cold, velvety ice cream, the warm and gooey hot fudge, and the crunch of the peanuts makes this parfait a delectable and affordable choice to start your week on a sweet note.

Dairy Queen Tuesday Special

  • Polish Sausage and Medium Malt or Shake
  • Banana Split

Treat yourself to a delightful Tuesday with a classic Banana Split dessert from Dairy Queen, available for just $4.69. This timeless favorite features a ripe banana, sliced lengthwise, topped with creamy vanilla soft-serve ice cream. 

It’s generously drizzled with luscious chocolate, sweet strawberry, and pineapple toppings, then finished with chopped nuts and a swirl of whipped cream. The Banana Split is the perfect way to enjoy the iconic combination of flavors in every spoonful, making your Tuesday extra sweet.

Dairy Queen Wednesday Specials

  • Hot Dog, Medium Soft Drink or Lemonade and Small Blizzard
  • Cupfection

Indulge in a midweek delight with the Confection dessert at Dairy Queen, available for just $4.99 on Wednesday. This sweet treat features layers of velvety soft-serve ice cream combined with your choice of tempting toppings like Oreo cookie pieces, chocolate chip cookie dough, brownie pieces, and more, all served in a convenient cup. Whether you’re a fan of cookies, brownies, or both, the Confection is a delectable way to satisfy your cravings in a cupful of goodness.

Dairy Queen Thursday Specials

  • Chili Dog, Chips and a Medium Soft Drink or Lemonade
  • Mini Blizzard

Make your Thursday a mini celebration with Dairy Queen’s Mini Blizzard, priced at just $2.99. This delightful treat is a compact version of their classic Blizzard, featuring their signature soft-serve ice cream blended with your choice of mix-ins. 

With a smaller size and price, it’s the perfect way to satisfy your sweet cravings without overwhelming your taste buds. Enjoy a taste of Dairy Queen’s famous Blizzard in a fun-sized package.

Dairy Queen Friday Special

  • 2 BBQ Sandwiches and Medium Malt or Shake
  • Small Shake

Start your weekend with a sweet note by indulging in Dairy Queen’s Small Shake, available for just $2.99 on Fridays. This delightful treat features Dairy Queen’s velvety soft-serve ice cream blended into a creamy, flavorful shake. 

There are a variety of classic and enticing flavors to choose from. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself and kick off your weekend with a satisfying and refreshing beverage. Enjoy the delicious taste of a small shake at an affordable price.

Dairy Queen Saturday Special

  • $5 Buck Lunch

Dairy Queen Saturday special offered the irresistible $5 Buck Lunch. This meal deal typically included an entrée, fries, and 21 oz. drink, and a small sundae, all for the affordable price of $5. Customers could choose from various entrée options like the 3-Piece Chicken Strip, Deluxe Cheeseburger, or the classic Grilled Chicken Wrap. 

Each meal came with crispy fries, a refreshing drink, and a delightful small sundae in flavors like hot fudge, caramel, or strawberry. 

This Saturday special presented a fantastic value for customers looking to savor a satisfying meal at an affordable price, making it a favorite choice for those craving a delicious combo of savory and sweet treats at Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen Sunday Specials

Dairy Queen’s Sunday specials often featured the delectable “Sundae Funday” promotion. During this offer, customers could enjoy discounted prices on various sundaes, typically priced at $2 for a small size. 

This promotion allowed ice cream enthusiasts to relish in Dairy Queen’s signature sundaes, including classic favorites like the Hot Fudge Sundae, Strawberry Sundae, and Caramel Sundae at a pocket-friendly price. 

Each sundae boasted creamy soft-serve ice cream topped with rich, flavorful sauces, nuts, whipped cream, and a cherry, creating a delightful treat to savor on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. 

Dairy Queen $7 Meal Deal

Enjoy a delicious meal without breaking the bank with Dairy Queen’s $7 Meal Deals. You have two enticing options to choose from: you can go for the classic 3-piece chicken strips meal or indulge in the new Bacon Queso Cheeseburger meal. 

Each meal includes a serving of fries, a sundae, and your choice of a refreshing drink. The $7 meal is a great way to satisfy your hunger and satisfy your cravings.

Dairy Queen $6 Meal Deal

Delight in a fantastic meal deal at Dairy Queen with the $6 Meal Deal. For just $6, you’ll enjoy a delicious Bacon Cheeseburger, complete with full-sized fries, a drink, and a scrumptious sundae. It’s a fantastic offer that satisfies your taste buds and your budget, providing you with a complete and fulfilling meal.

Dairy Queen $8 Meal Deal

Experience a fantastic treat with the $8 Blizzard Meal Deal at your nearest Dairy Queen! This amazing combo lets you choose between the legendary 3-piece chicken basket or a mouthwatering juicy DQ cheeseburger. 

Both options come with crispy golden fries, a refreshing soft drink, and to sweeten the deal, the creamy and decadent Mini Blizzard treat. It’s a delightful and satisfying choice that ensures you get the best of Dairy Queen’s offerings.

Dairy Queen Daily Specials Texas

These specials aim to provide customers with value-packed meals and discounted treats throughout the week.

Monday$5 Buck LunchChoice of entrée, fries, 21 oz. drink, small sundae$5
Tuesday2 for $4 Treat NightsMix & match small sundaes or medium dipped cones2 for $4
WednesdayChicken Strip Basket4-piece chicken strips, fries, Texas toast, gravyPrice Varies
Thursday1/2 Price BLIZZARD® TreatAny size BLIZZARD® treat at half priceVaries
FridayFish SandwichCrispy fish filet sandwich with tartar saucePrice Varies
Saturday$5 Buck LunchEntrée, fries, 21 oz. drink, small sundae$5
SundaySundae FundayDiscounted prices on various sundaesVaries


Dairy Queen weekly specials offer a delectable array of treats and savings that cater to every craving. With a diverse menu featuring signature Blizzard flavors, savory food items, and refreshing beverages, these specials provide a delightful opportunity for customers to indulge in their favorite DQ offerings while enjoying enticing discounts. Whether it’s a sweet escape with a Blizzard or a savory bite from their food selection, Dairy Queen weekly specials consistently deliver both value and flavor, ensuring a satisfying experience for all who relish the taste of quality and variety. 


Q. Is Dairy Queen Canadian or American? 

Dairy Queen is an American chain of soft-serve ice cream and fast-food restaurants. Founded in 1940 by John Fremont McCullough in Joliet, Illinois, and developed by his son Alex McCullough, along with Sherb Noble, the chain has its roots in the United States. While Dairy Queen has a significant presence in Canada and operates numerous locations across the country, it originated in the United States and remains headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Q. What’s in a Snickers Blizzard?

A Snickers Blizzard, a popular treat at Dairy Queen, combines the creamy soft-serve vanilla ice cream base with pieces of Snickers candy bar and swirls of caramel sauce. The Blizzard is made by blending the vanilla ice cream with generous chunks of Snickers, which typically consist of caramel, nougat, peanuts, and milk chocolate.

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